Groups & Graphs for Windows

Last update=27 Jan, 2000

This is the first release of G&G for Windows.
It requires Windows95 or newer.
It currently contains about 50% of the functionality of the Mac version.
I hope to port more of G&G during 2001.


WARNING. This release is known to contain bugs, but we're not sure what bugs.
Please send in bug reports, if you want them to be fixed.


G&G features

Graphs -- support for graphs is about 70% complete.

Symmetrize is still unimplemented.

Groups -- support for groups is about 65% complete.

Sylow subgroups, Normalizers, Centralizers are still unimplemented.

Digraphs -- not yet supported.

Projective Drawings -- approx 80% supported.

Torus Maps -- not yet supported.

Help files -- these are currently taken almost verbatim from the Mac version, and consequently do not always apply to the Windows version. Do not believe everything in the help files.

Saved Files -- this version uses a new file format for saved objects. It will not open G&G files created on a Mac by version 2.5 or earlier. The Mac version 3.0 and the Windows version 0.9 can now read and write the same files.


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